Think irreplaceable, candid, spontaneous memories — the ultimate party favor and crowd pleaser!

Some of you may remember the old style booths located in shopping malls and arcades in the 50’s and 60’s. The Photobooth People combine the nostalgia and fun of those old booths with modern digital technology to bring you totally mobile versions. Our booths take high quality digital images, before immediately printing classic 5 x 15cm photostrips. Our booths print colour and/or black and white images, and double copies print every session – so you can share the love! You can even have a personal message or company logo print out on the strip – the perfect reminder of your event.

The entire process from entering the booth to having the strip in your hand takes as little as 36 seconds. No waiting, not even enough time to top up your chardonnay — just hours of fun! And best of all, at the conclusion of your event we will provide you with a DVD of all the photos to do with as you please. Blackmail anyone?

All we require is an undercover position, a level surface and access to a powerpoint. Check out our Hall of Fame for pics of our booths in action.


Our photobooths are hard-walled traditional photobooths that require only a small space to operate. They are all metal cabinets filled with the latest in digital technology and despite their weight and size they are quite mobile. Transported via trailer and maneuvered via trolley, as long as we’re not hiking Mt Kosiosko with them, there’s a good chance we can get one into your venue. Our booths are fully automated and can be supplied with photobooth attendants to help you and your guests realise your photobooth potential! A variety of fantastic options are yours at no extra charge including up to 5 different software options (model dependant). The uber photobooth experience.